BattleStation Gaming PC


Unleash unparalleled gaming with the BattleStation by Rigs Of India. Equipped with AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600, Radeon™ RX 6400 GPU, and a lightning-fast 1 TB NVMe drive, it’s where top-tier performance meets reliability. Dive into immersive visuals, swift multitasking, and a seamless gaming experience. Elevate your play with the BattleStation.



Step into the arena of unmatched gaming performance with the BattleStation Gaming PC by Rigs Of India. Our team of experts at ‘Rigs Of India’ have handpicked and integrated the finest components to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Every aspect of this system screams power and reliability, making it the ultimate choice for serious gamers and enthusiasts.

Features and Specifications:

  1. Case: Stylish and robust, the Antec NX292 not only ensures optimal airflow for seamless gaming but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your gaming setup.
  2. Processor: Powered by the AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600, experience lightning-fast performance, impressive multitasking capabilities, and super-smooth gameplay.
  3. Motherboard: The B450M Pro VDH lays the foundation of this beastly machine, ensuring stability, and compatibility, and offering a suite of features to enhance your gaming sessions.
  4. Graphics: Dive into lifelike visuals and smoother frame rates, courtesy of the AMD Radeon™ RX 6400 GPU. Whether you’re battling foes or exploring new worlds, every detail comes alive.
  5. Memory: With 16GB DDR4 RAM at 3600 Mhz, switch between tasks, load games, and multitask without a hitch. Bid adieu to lag and stutters.
  6. Storage: Enjoy faster game loads and system boot times with 1 TB NVMe storage. With ample space, store all your favorite games, apps, and multimedia with ease.
  7. Power Supply: The heart that powers this machine is the Antec 550W PSU, ensuring consistent energy and safeguarding the components against power surges.

Why Choose BattleStation from Rigs Of India? Our commitment is to provide top-tier performance without compromising on quality. Every ‘BattleStation’ is a testament to our dedication to integrating only the best components. Elevate your gaming, trust in the reliability, and embrace the future with Rigs Of India’s BattleStation Gaming PC.


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