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Product Description:

Step into the next generation of gaming with the Titan Surge by Rigs Of India. Carefully curated and assembled with precision, this gaming PC promises unparalleled performance, ensuring every gaming session is seamless and captivating.

Key Features:

  1. Case – Antec AX20: The sleek and modern design of the Antec AX20 doesn’t just look good; it also ensures optimal airflow, keeping your components cool even during the most intensive gaming marathons.
  2. Processor – AMD Ryzen™ 5 5500: Known for its exceptional speed and multitasking capabilities, the Ryzen 5 5500 offers gamers a smooth and lag-free experience, bringing even the most graphics-heavy games to life.
  3. Motherboard – B450M Pro VDH: This motherboard provides robust and future-proof foundations, supporting all the components seamlessly and ensuring you get the most out of your gaming PC.
  4. GPU – RTX 3050: Dive into lifelike graphics and immersive visuals with the powerful RTX 3050. Its advanced ray-tracing technology takes your gaming visuals to cinematic levels.
  5. RAM – 16GB DDR4 3600 Mhz: Speed is the name of the game, and with 16GB of rapid DDR4 RAM, multitasking becomes a breeze. Switch between games, streams, and browsers with zero lag.
  6. Storage – 512GB NVMe: Lightning-fast boot times and instant game loads are no longer a dream. With 512GB of NVMe storage, every file is just a click away.
  7. PSU – Antec 550W: Powering this beast is the reliable and efficient Antec 550W PSU. Not only does it ensure uninterrupted gaming, but it also guarantees the safety and longevity of each component.

Why Choose the Titan Surge?

Rigs Of India prides itself on integrating only the top-quality branded components. The Titan Surge is a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure stability, longevity, and most importantly, an unmatched gaming experience for our patrons.


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